DevConf 2015

It was a wonderful experience attending Devconf 2015 in Brno, Czech Republic. The conference hosted some really interesting talks.

Talks I attended

  • Keynote:The Future of Red Hat
  • What is kubernetes?
  • Docker Security
  • Fedora Atomic
  • Performance tuning of Docker and RHEL Atomic
  • GlusterFS- Architecture and Roadmap
  • golang- the Good, the bad and the ugly
  • Vagrant for your Fedora
  • CI Provisioner – slave and test resources in Openstack, Beaker, Foreman, and Docker through one mechanism
  • Effective Beaker(workshop)
  • Project Atomic discussions (not listed in the schedule but interested folks got together)
  • Running a CentOS SIG (My talk)
  • CentOS: A platform for your success
  • Super Privileged Containers (SPC)
  • Ceph FS development update

Apart from this I had attended talks but were not useful to me for various reasons. Hence did not list them.

Most of the talks were live streamed and recorded. You can find them at Red Hat Czech’s youtube channel i.e.

Because of time constraints I missed some of the good talks too e.g. systemd and open shift talks.

Also because of Devconf, now I can put faces to may irc nicknames and email address. It was a nice experience meet people physically with whom I had only communicated through irc and emails.

A lot of thanks to the organisers, speakers and participants for the success of Devconf 2015. Looking forward to the next Devconf.

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