Installing Vagrant in CentOS7

Recently I started working on creating a Vagrant box[1]  for Atomic Developer Bundle project. For testing the Vagrant I wanted to use CentOS 7 with the KVM + Vagrant.

However yum install for Vagrant packages failed in CentOS as Vagrant packages are not available in CentOS7. However these are available through CentOS software collection SIG

Thanks to SCL( community for making the Vagrant packages available.

So here are the steps that will install Vagrant with libvirt provider in CentOS7 machine.

$ sudo yum -y install centos-release-scl
$ sudo yum -y install sclo-vagrant1 qemu-kvm
$ sudo scl enable sclo-vagrant1 bash

# Start libvirtd
$ sudo systemctl start libvirtd

# Permanently enable libvirtd
$ sudo systemctl enable libvirtd

Refer documentation [2] of Vagrant project for more details.




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2 thoughts on “Installing Vagrant in CentOS7

  1. This doesn’t suffice to start a vagrant box with libvirt provider. At least it didn’t for me! 😦

    You need to explcitily do `yum -y install qemu-kvm` to get things working. Otherwise you keep seeing an error like this when you do `vagrant up` –

    I was expecting this to get installed when I did `yum -y install sclo-vagrant1` as suggested in your post. I stand mistaken. 🙂

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